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Hurricane Impact Glass

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors provide your home with effortless, full-time protection against flying debris and hurricane-force winds.

Now there’s no need for inconvenient, unsightly panel, accordion or rolldown shutters plywood or other hurricane protection devices. Even when you’re away, Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors guard your home against hurricanes and intruders with no effort, while reducing noise and providing UV protection. Vinyl frames and standard insulated glass also provides enhanced energy efficiency.

A special silicone glazing process keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame. Although the glass may crack on impact, the interlayer keeps the glass intact, preventing destructive wind from entering your home.

Impact-resistant glass is comprised of two glass panes bonded with a special interlayer of clear polyvinylbutyral. Similar to auto windshields, but nine times stronger, it provides amazing protection against flying debris.

When flying objects pierce windows and doors, hurricane-force winds enter the home. Internal pressure causes the roof to blow off, resulting in massive wind and water damage.

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors pass stringent Large and Small Missile Impact Tests. In the Large Missile Impact Test, a window is subjected to two impacts by a nine-pound 2 x 4 beam traveling at a speed of 50 feet per second. Then this “impacted” window is subjected to hurricane-force winds. The polyvinylbutyral interlayer keeps the window intact and sealed against wind even if glass is cracked by a flying object.




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